Beau-pair for families

How we unburden you

Beau-pair is a full service au-pair agency that unburdens you. From the moment of application until the au-pair leaves, Beau-pair assists you in an honest, accessible and reliable way. For the au-pair, we take care of a memorable cultural exchange in the Netherlands.


What we do

Beau-pair relieves you by taking the entire selection process and guidance of the au-pair off your hands and by being there for you and the au-pair during the year. Candidate au-pairs are carefully screened and selected beforehand by our exclusive local partners. The qualifications focused on are:

At least four hundred relevant babysitting hours

Checking with referees where they have babysat

Checking diplomas and grades

Request for certificate of good conduct

Health statement from a doctor

Other key requirements are:

Minimum 18 and maximum 25 years old

No marriage or children

Beau-pair also has an interview with the au-pair before the au-pair is introduced to you.

As a result, Beau-pair will ensure that the most suitable au-pair for your family situation will be presented to you.
During the year, you can always contact Beau-pair, for tips, questions or help. This also applies to our au-pairs, they too need guidance, especially during the start of the year. Beau-pair then invites them for a welcome training so they can come to Beau-pair with their questions concerning the Dutch culture and the new family.

To get a grip on the course of the year, evaluations are planned at several moments. Beau-pair also keeps in touch with the au-pairs by inviting them to events to get to know the Netherlands and other au-pairs.

What should you take into account?

An au-pair is a foreign youth aged between eighteen and twenty-five who lives in a family's home for up to 12 months for a cultural exchange. In return for board and lodging and a monthly allowance, the children are looked after and light housework is done (think vacuuming, cooking, washing, ironing, folding clothes, tidying and shopping).

An au-pair has a 30-hour working week with at least two days off per week and a weekend off once a month (from Friday evening to Sunday evening).

There should be a bedroom available for the au-pair.

Income requirements for host families change every six months (click here for current requirements).


How we operate


When you apply for an au-pair through Beau-pair for the first time, a home visit will be planned. It is very important for Beau-pair to get to know you and your family better and to have all your wishes and needs clearly in mind so the perfect match can be made. Also, the family situation will be checked in order to create a safe working and living environment for the au pair.


Based on the home visit and your wishes, Beau-pair will propose suitable au-pairs to you. Beau-pair will maintain close contact with you so that the perfect match can be made. You will also be provided with tips and tricks and will be sent useful interview questions. The matching process lasts until you are one hundred percent satisfied with the choice. This can take a day or two months, depending on the planning and matches.

Match made

Once the perfect match is made, Beau-pair will guide you through the administrative requirements. The IND expects a number of documents and Beau-pair will provide you with these and make sure they are filled in correctly. Also, the au-pair will be assisted with the visa application and the au-pair will be provided with cultural training in their home country so that the au-pair has the right start of the au-pair year. The flight tickets will also be arranged through Beau-pair, you will of course decide what the day of arrival will be.


The au-pair's arrival day is always an exciting moment. This is when it really starts! After arrival, Beau-pair will contact you and hear what the first impressions are. The au-pair will be surprised with a welcome box of Beau-pair containing a gift and information that will help the au-pair on her way during the first weeks in the Netherlands. Of course, the box will also contain a surprise for the family. The first weeks a lot has to be arranged (e.g. registration at the municipality, applying for DigiD, health insurance, bank account).

During the year

During the year, Beau-pair will contact you regularly. The first month is crucial. Two weeks after arrival, we will contact you and the au-pair. Also, after months 1, 3, 6 and 9 online evaluations will take place. Here, both you and the au-pair can indicate whether you are still satisfied. It is important to check whether everyone still sticks to the working hours. Beau-pair also invites the au-pair to three events/excursions to stay in touch with the au-pair and to adjust if necessary.

Preparation for departure

Beau-pair aims for you to start the selection of a new au-pair in good time before the departure of your current au-pair. Around three months before the au-pair's departure, we advise you to start the preparations. Again, Beau-pair will assist the family with this. This is a good moment to take stock of what you did or did not like about the departing au-pair.
The departing au-pair starts preparing certain things before leaving. For example, cancelling NS/mobile/sports subscriptions and health insurance.

Before departure

The departure of a fine au-pair is always difficult and can bring tears. At Beau-pair, we know how this feels like no other. What can be useful is that there is overlap between the current and the new au-pair. This means that the new au-pair arrives a few days before the current au-pair leaves. As a result, the current au-pair takes the family's tasks off her hands. There will then be a smooth transfer of tasks, saving the family time.
When the au-pair has left, Beau-pair will contact the family to evaluate the year.

Why Beau-pair?

At Beau-pair, we ourselves have several years of experience of having au-pairs. Having someone living in your home is incredibly exciting. At the same time, your family gets a certain peace and regularity. A familiar face, who is always there for you. No racing against the clock to the nursery or grandparents being sick. The laundry runs, the children can play at home and are taken to sports clubs.

Beau-pair guides you extremely personally, every family has different wishes and needs and a certain au-pair may or may not suit them. The matching process is handled and guided very selectively. With Beau-pair, you will be completely unburdened, even when things might not go well. We at Beau-pair also know how that feels. Even in that case, we guide the family and the au pair so that a suitable solution can be found quickly.

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